Need a straightening gel to loosen curls to waves, NO HEAT.

I have 3A-B curls and I want to use a gel that will loosen them up to very soft waves, almost straight without any heat, irons involved.

But I wouldn't want a greasy or oily gel to weigh the hair down to make it straight.

Does this miracle product exist?.
If you have a Sally's nearby, I'd suggest Aura Hypoallergenic Gel. It seems to make curls a bit wavier without weighing them down (it's CG) for alot of curlies. Although I could never get it to work for my hair, it did make my hair wavier (even though I'm more of a wavy to begin with!).
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PhytoDefrisant is a cream that is supposed to straighten hair. It's quite pricey though.
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Prior to wearing my hair curly all the time I tried the so-called "curl activator" gels (main ingredient: propylene glycol) thinking they would make my hair curlier but it was the total opposite, although they left my hair very soft I barely had any waves in it so maybe you can give one them a try. You can find them at the ethnic hair section of any drug, supermarket or department store.
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Ecostyler (Sally Beauty Supply) made my hair heavier and a bit straighter. It's a heavy gel. Miss Jessie's Curly pudding will do it if you do the "shingling" method. Actually any styler with the shingling method will straighten the curl. Google Miss Jessies for instructions.
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