So how shall i go about a WDT with JC Too Shea?
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I just comb it through wet hair, stick my hair under a plastic shower cap and then put on a MF heat cap for 30 minutes, then rinse out really well.
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If you want, you can mix in some honey, olive oil, aloe gel, and/or mashed avocado. Whatever you're in the mood for. Then just slap on a shower cap and some heat, and you're good to go.
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that all sounds good..but i dont have a shower cap..any alternatives?
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A plastic bag from the grocery store works just as well as a shower cap. Just tie it on your head. Or if you prefer try plastic wrap.
well im sitting with a mixture of honey, too shea, and GF Sleek and Shine
we shall see how it goes
3a?? blonde

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Next time I'd recommend leaving out the sleek and shine. The cone in there may prevent the good stuff in the DT from doing its job.
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thanks for the advice.
My hair has not responded adversly to the S&S...just the same hair as when i just used too shea...maybe the cone(way down on the list i think) is not as bad on my hair as it is for others.
3a?? blonde

Modified CG since 5/07


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