CK and color treated curlies...

While I avoid glycerin to prevent color fade on my color treated red, I must admit that Curl Keeper looks intriguing. The glycerin isn't all that high up, so I am wondering if I could try it without getting the color fade that other products have given me when they have glycerin pretty high up.

Have any of you color tretaed curlies (especially if you do semi, demi, or red) tried this? Has it affected your color at all? Thanks for any input.
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I use brilliant brunette by john frieda...i dont know how cg it is tho
I have highlights and haven't found that CK lightens me any. Even though it's only highlights, my overall natural color gets lightened a little as well. And having naturally dark brown hair, there's actually quite a bit of red in it.

My hair likes glycerin and I've used several products with it in them. I will say that by the time I'm ready for highlights again, they're quite a bit lighter. So, I can't say for sure 100% that the glycerin doesn't lighten them, but I don't seem to notice an all-of-a-sudden lightening effect, know what I mean?

Plus it may depend on if you'll use it underneath a gel and not alone because it appears you have to use alot of CK if you use it as a styler.
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I use Color by RC, and I use CK under gel. I haven't really ever noticed any fading, I don't need to refresh my overall color very often. I do try to keep the CK off the roots after a fresh color JIK. It's worth a try, as it really defines the curl.

But then again, after seeing your pineapple thread pics, I don't think you need to make any changes -- perfect!

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