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bananacour 05-15-2007 09:25 PM

NEW ORLEANS: recommendation for hairdresser
In post Katrina N'Awlins, many hairdressers have not returned. Mine has not and I have been seeking someone that is right for me, since the hurricane. I am told by another forum user that I can find a hairdresser in my city that specializes in cutting curly hair, by posting in this forum

Because I have 'cowlicks' and hair is radically thinning with age, the best results, FOR ME, have been from a dry cut. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

BACKGROUND INFO: I am not naturally curly. I have always had very thin, limp hair, not straight, but unruly. When I turned 45, my hair began thinning and I gave up curlers and have a perm about every 6-8 months. Tight spirals make my hair look thicker and give it more body.

Any referral will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks from the banana lady

rose's ringlets 05-17-2007 01:49 PM

Hi Banana Lady!

Thought I'd bump up your post with a couple of photos from my trip to New Orleans in March. I WANT TO COME BACK!!

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