How do you use CurlKeeper?

My hair is simply wretched lately, and I have decided to order some CiurlKeeper- last summer's routine isn't working well enough. I have thick, dry 3Aish curls. I am very frizz prone lately and I have high hopes for this stuff.
Anyway... I was wondering what people use with CK, most specifically, what people layer over it for hold. I don't like crunch, but I don't mind scrunching it out. Oh- and I'm into looser curls lately, although if I can just get rid of the frizz, I'd be happy.
Hi there,

What I do is keep my CK in a spray bottle and that is the first product I use on wet hair. I hang my head upside down in the shower and drench already wet hair with it...then I scrunch it a bit (I have very thin hair so I need to scrunch a LOT)

afterwards I use ouidad gel (climate control heat & humidity) , all the while the hair is pretty wet. For me that really helped control the frizz.

Maybe you need a trim? As soon as my hair starts acting up (getting knotty and frizzy even with the curlkeeper) thats when I head to the salon.

BTW curlkeeper is AMAZING! I can really tell the diff when I don't use it so now I use it every time I shampoo!

"Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician"
Yeah, I definitely need a trim, I might actually do it myself tonight. Thanks for the rec.
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I use a small amount of CK under my styling products, kind of like a serum. Maybe 3 dime-size blobs all together. I always use Jessicurl Gelebration spray as well, to boost the curl, especially my underneath layer which is much straighter.

My most frequently used gels are HE Set Me Up in summer, Hask Pure Shine in winter (I think I'm the only person here who uses it), Biosilk Rock Hard if it's really super humid. Once in a while I'll use Aura Hypoallergenic, B&A gel, Graham Webb Making Waves gel, Re:coil or Boots just for variety.

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