Layers or all one length?

No matter the length of my hair my 3b hair needs layers or I get the triangle effect.
3B with some 3a. Fell off but am now back on the CG bandwagon and looking for my HG products.
Spacegirl I love your hair in the last pic! You are my hair idol!!
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I think my hair looks like a wedding cake when I have uniform layers cut in. Am I the only one that has hair that looks like this with layers?
Originally Posted by Iwantcurlyhair
No, my hair does too if I get uniform layers. The key is to get blended long layers, not stacked layers. Stacked = cake.

I've had layers shorter than cheekbone and they didn't stack because they were blended. The right stylist will know how to do this, even if not deva trained.

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Thanks xcptnl. The funny story behind it is I got my hair cut like that and it looked awesome, but I got bored and a couple of weeks later I went back to Devachan and got it all cut off, like Sarah Jessica Parker when she had the short bob on Sex & The City. Ugh. Took forever to grow that out.
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hmmmm. Maybe I will just get the layers trimmed. The whole annoyance with my hair right now is the last time I got my hair cut...(like almost 2 years ago. oh well.) is she SHATTERED my ends. which means she took scissors and just kinda sliced up all of my ends. totally looked like doo doo. (She had just cut my hair the day before and it was kinda short and the ends were acting really weird, so this was her "fix".) So I freaked out and went somewhere else to see if they could somehow fix the shattered ends and all she could do was cut it a little shorter, basically and try to get past the shattered ends, but she freaking shattered them pretty high up. ARGH. So I've been growing this out for almost 2 years because I've been "stylist traumatized" and not wanting to get my hair cut. So I've been dealing with these damn funky ends. My hair is finally long enough where I can get all of the funky shattered ends cut off.... BUT since my hair is layered, I don't really get how they're going to get ALL of it. This is why my hair is not curling up at the ends, I guess. Not because of the layers but because of the freaking shattered ends. I mean, I already know that... But the main thing is I keep thinking I just want them to cut it all one length, so I can be sure ALL of these damn shattered ends are cut off!!!!


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