Layers or all one length?

I keep hearing how curlies should always have layers, but now that my hair is long (a few inches past bra strap length), I think I'm going to go ahead and get it cut all one length. When my hair is long, it curls much better and looks a lot healthier when it's one length. So I was just wondering with you girls with longer hair...what works better for you, layers or one length?
My hair is just past my shoulders and I have layers.

We'll need pics of before and after!
I guess it depends on how curly the hair! I'm 3B and my hair looks best with a couple of layers. I don't really know how it's cut because my stylist gives me a geometry lesson every time I ask. If I don't have layers, I look like Roseanne Roseanna Dana.

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My hair pulled straight is almost to the top of my pelvic bone. I have layers and love them. I don't have triangle head anymore. I think it also improved how my hair curled.
I'm cutting out the layers from my hair too(only one more layer to go now). It's easier to do styles without flyaways that way. Plus, the way my hair falls the canopy is curlier than the underneath layer so it's like I have natural layers built into my hair haha. I think it really depends on the individual head of hair. I have seen how layers can really take off some weight and add more bounce to some curlies hair, it just doesn't work on mine.
I think I have weird hair. My hair is wavy and the ends curl up and if I scrunch it, it will turn into corkscrews. When it's all one length, the ends curl up much better (which I like). When it has the long layers, the layers get all intermingled and I'll grab a strand of hair and none of the ends meet up and it doesn't curl up as well into a little curly lock.
Does that make sense?
I tried this a few of months ago. I'd been getting Devacut/long layers for years and then I decided to just cut it straight across. My stylist said I would regret it and guess what? I did. I toughed it out for a couple of months, but then I had to go back and get some layers in there. The first thing she said to me when I sat in the chair was "I told you so!" I'm annoyed I got that stupid straight across cut, because my hair would be much longer now if I had just gotten the usual cut in the first place. Oh well, I gave it a shot. What works for some, might not work for others.
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spacegirl- I'm really interested to hear why you regretted the cut. Was it just because of the loss in length or also for other reasons? Do you have pictures of the before/after? Thanks for posting your experience. I just looked at your pictures and your hair is beautiful! How do you get so much volume at the roots?
I agree that it might depend on curl-type. I'm another 3b that needs some layers to prevent triangle head. My hair is a tad below BSL wet, and is of various length dry due to shrinkage. Heck, today it barely hit the bottom of my shoulder blades, lol. Humid day

I think that some can pull of straight across though.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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I have tried to do the all one length thang and I get triangle head. So I've gone back to a few layers. I get better curl definition - especially in the back/crown area - and less frizz.
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My hair has been between shoulder and below BSL, back and forth for the last few years. No matter which length, it is much better with long layers (or sometimes even short ones when it's shorter). If not, I'm roseannadana's twin sister!

This last cut was a deva-cut with some layering throughout. It's been great! No triangle head and my 3c's are coming back! Yay!

But if your hair curls and behaves better cut straight across/one layer, then by all means do it. We all need to do what works best on *our* hair, and only we know what that is. Before and after pics would be great.

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Right now my hair's about BSL. I get triangle head if I don't have layers. And when my hair's long the weight drags my hair down which leaves me really flat and straight at the roots.
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I used to have layers but now I've got all one length hair. I'm going to grow it a bit and then maybe have some long layers cut in. My hair is half way between shoulders and BSL at the moment and strangely I don't have triangle hair yet.
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I'd layer no matter what length.
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Just don't let the stylist give you medium layers. If I let my hair go natural (no styler), the shortest layer is just below the cheekbone when it should be around jaw level. Not that it doesn't look all that bad, it'll just take a while now for it to get to where it should have been. I dare not use anything to make it curl up even more!

Also, INSIST on a micro cut for the length if you're worried about that. What was once almost mid-back for me is now just below the shoulders. It feels lighter, which may be a good thing during the hot dry summers we have, but it took me forever & a day to get it to that length, so I'm starting over.

And one more thing, DEMAND the stylist not thin the hair, with anything! When I said "no thinning shears" I also meant DON'T use regular scissors like curling a ribbon!

ETA: Although I must say I have a bit more volume than I did when it was so blah!
I get hair in the shape of a yield sign when it's all one length, so I like to stick with layers.


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I think my hair looks like a wedding cake when I have uniform layers cut in. Am I the only one that has hair that looks like this with layers?
Devachan types of haircuts look really nice to me though. I would completely go there if I was able to.
Hey, Iwantcurlyhair (love that name!) the best I can describe my experience with the recent blunt cut was that my hair had no shape above then ends. I just kind of hung there. Which honestly wasn't so bad in the winter, because I like to have my hair as close to wavy as I can get it, since there is less humidity in the winter. I'd rinse right side up and comb gel through my hair and air dry so it lay flat. The problem came about when I tried to style my hair the CG way, rinsing upside down, scrunching in gel, diffusing a little. Since it was straight across, all the volume was concentrated towards the bottom of my hair. I'll post some pics to illustrate:

(You can click on them for a larger version)

These two are the sorta wavy styling, no-humidity, dry winter hair:

This is when I did the rinse upside down, scrunch & diffuse thing:

Now, some people might like that big hair look, and the shape and all, but I just didn't dig the way it was so full on the bottom. So I kept doing my hair the wavy way, until all of a sudden we had one humid, summer-like day here in New York City and I totally freaked out. My hair gets very frizzy and big in the humidity. So I imagined a summer of crazy big on the bottom, flat on the top triangle hair. So I went back to the salon and shelled out another $60 or whatever it was and got it fixed.

Just for a comparison, here is a picture of my hair styled the same way as the above big haired pic, but with layers (back when I could actually afford to go to Devachan!):

Granted, it's shorter in the second picture, but the fullness isn't concentrated towards the bottom, it's sort of tapered at the ends.

Now to answer your other question, I always clip the roots, whether I do the rinse upside down scrunch thing or the comb the gel through wavy thing. Otherwise I would have no volume except down at ends of my hair. I've got fine hair that's not really curly up by the roots, so I have to give it a little helping hand.

(edited to fix broken link)
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Thanks spacegirl! Those pictures helped a lot. I actually liked what you called "the big hair" look a lot but your hair looks fabulous with the "after" picture as well. I do see what you mean though. You have more uniform curls in the last picture.
You're welcome. Like I said, some people like the big hair, I like it a bit more tamed.
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