Trying to create an afro

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I'm going to a big party 2 weeks from today and would love to go with an afro. I dont want it to be frizzy or anything I just want it to stand up. My hair is fairly short right now (it doest even cover my ears) and its probably a 2c although its pretty curly sometimes.
I dont own a curling iron, but i have tried with a straightener and the fact is that there is no way a flat iron can make the curls that im trying to make.
Does anyone have any advice or has anyone worn this style before?
I guess if you have finer hair, I'm not sure it's possible for you to create a real convincing afro, but you could try crimping your hair with a crimping iron and teasing it into submission. Or you could just save yourself the hassle and just buy a wig... ?
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Braids maybe? Lots of little box braids (1/2 to 1 inch sections) made on damp hair. When you're done braiding, apply a little gel to the braids and allow to dry completely. Unravel braids carefully and maybe the gel will help hold the outward shape. HTH .
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