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I feel like I've been gone for so long! (Because I have) I only get to get on here occasionally because of lack of Internet. I desperately need to update my photos...they're all about 2 years old.

So after a LONG time of living on Deva Curl I am back in the "dating" game...I'm courting other products (gasp!). The reason why? Because I want hair that smells good! The bonus to being curly is that we get to have 2nd or 3rd day hair, but Deva loses it's good smell after the first half day, I feel. Am I the only one who has this problem? I want my hair to stay smelling fresh. I have been trying Suave Green Apple sh/ co and Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam and my hair has been smelling so nice, even second day. In fact I've had people ask me what I'm wearing! (Although it's a light smell not too heavy). Only problem is that I'm not sure my hair looks it's best...maybe a little dry---still pretty good, have gotten compliments--but a little dry for my taste.

Tell me your thoughts on this, please...
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Jessicurl's Island Fantasy Scented products smell great. Besides the Curls products (which alot of people gave up because of the ever-changing ingredients) being the most heavenly scents on earth, my other favorite scent is VO5 MM Strawberries and Cream conditioner. That stuff smells so yummy to me and if I use it as a leave-in under a product, I get whiffs of during the day.

But, heck, for me if it comes down to hair looking good or lasting scent, I'd go with the hair looking good .
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Curl Junkie products smell good. I use both the Coco Curl Creme and the Banana Deep Fix.
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But, heck, for me if it comes down to hair looking good or lasting scent, I'd go with the hair looking good .
Originally Posted by LavenderCurls
I have to agree with this. My hair definitely doesn't have a smell of products after I've slept on it. But two products my husband has commented on even at the end of the day:

Loreal Nutrigloss Vive Pro for curly hair (unfortunately, after a while the protein in it built up on my hair)

Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner
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Went to a ballgame with my boss and while I looked like the wild thing from Borneo, he did say my hair smelled lovely. Had to be the Boots Curling Cream.
I have finally realized I look my best when my hair tells me how it is going to fall, and I just make suggestions.


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