Hot Socks Diffuser


I was browsing hte store her on NC and noticed that a starter package comes with a Hot Socks diffuser.

So I looked it up and found this which looks fab! Great for travelling right? I need something like that.

Has anyone actually tried it?
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I have one. I bought it at a local Aveda salon for $6 (US$)? maybe it was $9?

I love it! It's so much better than the plastic diffuser. which isn't a bad one, but the Hot Sox is better.

It's also wonderful for traveling, because all you need to pack is the Hot Sox. You can use it with the drier (dryer?) in the hotel.

Unfortunately, I can't find mine right now after my last trip. I know I brought it home, but it's lost in the clutter. I am a clutter COW!
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I have one - well, actually I have two - I bought an extra just in case one got lost while traveling or something. I do prefer my bowl diffuser, though, because I can do lifting, pushing and scrunching with the diffuser fingers and not have to touch my hair as much.

ETA: I bought my hot socks at - pw: gibber -- Pics Added 7/10/11
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I have one i just bought at a beauty supply store , i think it was like $5, really cheap tho. I havent used it yet cuz im saving it to pack to vegas when i go in june but it is great for packing and saving more room for hair products to take I havent used a sock diffuser in ages tho , the last one i bought was on QVC and it came with some curl products, it worked out pretty good back then. im hoping it works good now just like my bowl diffuser does.
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Love this! I got mine at Ulta.

If my hair blows around at all, it's a disaster. This is so much better in keeping me from getting poofy and great for travel. I use it all the time now.
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I have this. In fact, I'm traveling right now and brought mine with me. Imagine my wrath when the dryer in the room didn't work yesterday morning! We were late for an appointment, and I had to go out with wet hair! It looked fine (eventually) but took forever to I was much happier when the new dryer worked just fine. Love my Hot Sox, which I got at Ulta, too, btw.
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I need a finger bowl diffuser to help with height on top and be able to push my hair off my scalp so it won't gel flat to my head.
I hear the sock diffuser blows the hair around less though
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