Re:Coil - My New HG!

I took the plunge and purchased re: coil after convincing myself that the older I get, the less curly my hair becomes. Re: Coil proved that theory wrong! I have been using it for a week now and have had the best curl formation! I have been using about a nickel sized glob of it, emulsifying it in my hands and distributing it through my hair. I then use about the same size glob of BRHG. The combo seems to be working well with one exception. I have a case of canopy frizz, which I haven't in the past. When I would frizz, it would be all over big hair and poor curl formation if that makes any sense. Any recommendations for a product to use with the combo that would kill the frizz? Thanks!
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When I first tried re:coil I didn't like it. After a week of using it and getting the amount to apply figured out, I really love it. I use mine over a leave-in conditioner applied to out of the shower wet hair followed by Joiwhip mousse. I'm getting great results.
Re:coil is one of my HGs too! I use it under joiwhip and sometimes Ck. Its just gives my curls that extra boost that they need. ~~jax
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I get canopy frizz from curl enhancing things during the humid season like magnesium and aloe. Salt is the one in recoil. If I use it with a strong gel and make sure I get enough on the top hair that usually does the trick.
However I see you use BRHG so maybe you might need to pair it with Curl Keeper. I cant' even get frizz if I wanted to with that stuff.
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Yep, I've come to love this product, too. I love it with G&F Curl and Shine leave in, the recoil, then either gel or Joiwhip. I'm so glad I found this stuff!
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That's a great combo! It works for me too. I also like combining it with B&A and today I tried it with AnGell.
The frizz is just in the canopy area? Hmmm Are you applying enough products there?
Once I forgot the canopy and it didn't look defined. How about gel in a spray bottle? LM has a recipe in her book (The Curly Girl) It's very simple.
Just a thought.
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I've been mixing a quarter sized puddle of CK w/ a pea sized blob of Re:coil in my palm, then follow with a strong hold gel (BRHG is my HG for the summer).

For my hair, the trick to both CK & Re:coil is combing it through with a wide tooth comb, then scrunching it before adding my gel.
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