Anyone trying to grow their hair?? Support Thread!

Okay - Ive decided Im going to try and grow my hair! I just hope I am able to get it past a certain length!

Anyone else wanting to grow their hair??
I'm aiming for waist length. How about you?
3b-3c CG
Its currently just above shoulders.

But, I'd like to get it to bra strap length over the next few (hundred) years!

I have to get some of those Vitamins that are referred to here on the boards!

Im going to stop straightening and colouring my hair and cut back on diffusing. (to say Im going to stop diffusing would just be a lie!)

I want some serious "Stella" hair!

I was trying to grow out my hair, and it was getting there! But, yesterday I had a MAJOR judgement malfunction, so now my hair is back at shoulder-length. So...I'm trying to grow mine out too. I'm just back 3 or 4 inches from where I was yesterday.
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How my heart yearns within me!
(Job 19:25-27)
Oh man, mine's not even shoulder length. I don't know what I'm aiming for...just longer. And it's taking forever and driving me nuts!

I'm nervous cause 1. I don't know what my hair does when it's natural and long. Never have. When it was long before, I straightened it. 2. I can't picture myself with long hair. I used to have it, but now it just feels weird.

I'm sure it will get more "normal" feeling as it happens, especially cause it's such a slow process...It's just that its been more than 5 years since I even had it shoulder length.
I am with you! I am trying for 2-3 inches. I am just above shoulder length now when dry. Now I am going for a trim in a week or two but it's a needed one so I will have to deal with happens at that but I am aiming for more shaping at that appt (it's with the Deva trained stylist so I am keeping my fingers crossed).

I have been taking the hair skin nail vitamins but now I am thinking I should have just gone with the hair ones - I may put then others in the back and get some hair ones for the summer.
Central Massachusetts

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Im sure I'll get to certain points where I'll think "Grrr I cant do this!".

But I can! We all can!

As for serious lapses in judgement - well, we have all been there! Once, when I was straightening all the time - I asked for a layered "Rachel do". Ugh!

I'll put some photo's of my hair up in the morning!
Yep count me in. From today (bad cut see I am trying to grow it again!

The only plus is that I may have got rid of some old, dry and damaged hair...but other than that I can't wait to have my old hair back!
Don't know what my hair type is really!!

pw: hairdrama
Last time I used straightners: Friday 17th May (I'm really trying now!)

There is a whole Sub-board dedicated to this topic
In DESPERATE need of a haircut.
Oops! There is too! Sorry - it was late when I posted (and desperate!)

Ive just created an album - some of use havent moved into the digital age yet and therefore the quality not so great! I'll upload more when I get my hand on my sis' camera!
pw: curls
I'm aiming for another 3 inches or so. My curls seem to get looser with length and another curly said she found her frizz easier to cope with once it got longer, so fingers crossed. I had it cut a couple of weeks ago and am going to try and leave it now until Sept.

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