HE SME/VO5 questions

I've heard a lot of curlies recommend the HE SME gel. But, silly me, I bought the mousse yesterday and the spray gel instead. My hair is currently still wet so the results are out.

Are both of these products CG? And how does one use a spray gel? I just put the mousse in like always and then sprayed the top layer with the gel. Didn't scrunch the gel. Are you supposed to scrunch spray gel?

I also bought VO5 kiwi lime squeeze clarifying conditioner to co-wash. Is it CG?

Why did I try 3 new products in one day? B/c I appparently like to live on the wild side! And I have no plans....
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.
Update: Once hair dried, it looked terrible. And I didn't like the smell. I won't be trying this again. I still don't know how to use spray gel, though. Anybody?
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.
Funny thing, I deviated to spray gel today, and had horrible results too. I did it after I had done all the other bits, curl creme, etc, spritzed it on when it was all arranged, and I didnt touch (honest!)

After it was dry I scrunched a little, as it was crunchy but it didnt feel nice, very gluey and stuck. It feels dry noe, and looks fuzzy. Very producty. By the way I used John Frieda spray.

So, nil points on the gel spray for me. Perhaps, like you, I'm just doing it all wrong.
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I don't use spray gel, but I always scrunch in my gel. Shoot, I scrunch in everything!

I think some people also use spray gel as an alternative to hair spray.

This is probably not much help, but maybe some of the spray gel curlies will chime in and give you more help than I can.
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I apply SMU to my hands, rub together then add to my hair after it's dried a bit, much better results than if I spray it directly on my hair, it's also good for fluffing out my curls on day 2
I use the mousse and some of the gel every day. I run the mousse through my hair in sections, then I put a little bit of gel in my palms and just smooth over areas that tend to be frizzy. I diffuse it until it's almost dry, then I put alittle bit more gel over the frizzy spots. If I put too much gel in, those areas will be a little crunchy, but not too bad. My hair always comes out really soft and shiney. Been using both for months now.

Sorry you had a bad experience.....I'd recommend the regular gel and the mousse, not the spray stuff.
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