Condition Washing only & chlorine

Is it alright to CW only after swimming in chlorine and even salt water?For some reason, I just feel that only shampoo will get rid of chlorine. But if you swim often during the summer, it can really mess with a CW-only routine.

Any advice?
TIA for your help.
When I swim, I try to wet my hair first and when possible, coat with conditioner. Then, when I'm done swimming, I rinse as soon as possible. I rinse really thoroughly then co-wash and condition or just condition. I don't seem to have any problems with this routine. Sometimes at the end of summer, I'll do a clarifying shampoo and DT just in case I missed anything, but I doubt it's really necessary.
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That's what I needed to hear. I don't see why CW-only can't be used after swimming. I usually swim daily in the warm weather. I don't mind shampooing once a week and doing a DT, but everyday really wrecks the routine.

I'm going for it.


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