A question about conditioner

Can I leave regular conditioner like Vo5 Passion Fruit Smoothie in my hair without washing it out? I have 4a/4B Hair also. Will this make my hair fall out?

I really want to know. Plz comment if u have any suggestions!!!!!
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Don't worry, plenty of people do that and it certainly won't make your hair fall out.

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Woop Woop!!! Thank you sooooooo much!

Any other suggestions?
4a/4b combo!
Check me out!
I use my regular conditioners like a leave-in, applying some more after my final rinse, but many curlies just don't completely rinse the conditioner out during their final rinse. That seems to work well for super-curlies. I'm just a semi-curly wavie so I find the first way works best for me.
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i only do that with a thick leave in. v05 is a little too runny for me to leave in so i only use that as a cowash. i use curl junkie's give em the slip for a leave in. i have a teeny bit mixed in a spray bottle with some water and i spritz that when needed.
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