Sunburned Scalp!

I got my scalp sunburned last weekend - not all of it, just the part. It's now peeling and looking like I've got some mean dandruff. What would be the best course of action to slough away most of the peeling skin?

Also, what can I use on my scalp for sun protection so this doesn't happen again?
I can help with the 'prevention' part of the question. Get a Sport Block sunblock. I don't know the brand of mine, but it's a blue spray bottle and it doesn't run or get really greasy. I spray it on my palm, then rub my fingertips in it and apply to scalp. Good luck!
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I hate when that happens. I usually remember to put sunscreen on my part, but not always. Maybe you could try a brown sugar scrub for the flaking. I've also made a scrub with this other kind of sugar with larger grains, called demerara sugar. You could also change our part for a few days.
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I could, but my hair naturally parts in the middle. It sticks up funny when I attempt to part it anywhere else.

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