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whats the difference between the happy nappy and the curl styling butter?
I have happy nappy which I'm about to finish and still trying to get the hang of Curly frizz pudding so want to know whether to stick to my old faithful Happy nappy or get the curl styling butter, on all sites they all have the same description so i don't know what the difference is
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i don`t see a difference between those 2 ,their ing are the same,but there can be 1 ing or more that`s different,i compare 2 bottles and i saw that there were over 10 ing the same i wish i bought something else before like one of styling lotions because they both have the same effect on my hair and i wanted a creamy texture like a leave in.
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right, i hear what you're saying i think all the BB stuff i have looked at has the same ingredients but strangely enough does work differently for example I think the bc down and out has the stuff ingredients as happy nappy but they work in different ways ( on my hair anyway) maybe I'll get a sample of the curl styling butter and see how it is first.
I can't see myselt not liking it, everything i have used so far (which is pretty much I love
Long thick curls, mix of 3b/3c
I like the styling butter better, in that it blends better. Happy nappy(for me), gave me a more coated look, and took longer to penetrate. Whereas the styling butter cream melted into my hair easier, and was easier to apply. Happy nappy is also a thicker cream, and the styling butter cream is alittle lighter, but not by too much.

As for the frizz pudding, I use it over the styling butter cream to seal in the curls. I can't use it any other way since when used alone, it doesn't really do anything. When I use the two, the butter is pretty much used as my leave in, with the frizz pudding acting as my styler.
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Got it, so the only difference is the styling butter is slightly lighter than HN.
I guess I'll stick to the HN then since to me, the down and out is lighter than HN i don't want 2 products that are pretty much the same.
Long thick curls, mix of 3b/3c

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