Pantene moussing foam wax

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Pantene products have the reputation within the professional beauty industry of being the worst products you can put on your head because they are wax-based ... generally, the industry feels they will make your hair "shiny" but can literally "suffocate" your hair over time because the heavy deposits they leave on your hair shaft will make your hair dry and brittle; also, the residue from Pantene products can alter the effects of any chemical service (color, perm) you receive unless you use a good clarifying shampoo prior to the service.

I can tell you my personal experience is that any Pantene product I used in the past turned my hair into a wicked, dry rat's nest within a week, so I am not a fan; however, I wonder if the concerns of the beauty industry would be more of an issue for individuals with very long and/or fine and dry hair. Someone with short or oily hair may be using these products quite successfully, so you might never know how it would work for you unless you try it yourself.
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