How to choose products?

I've been using mostly NoPoo and OneC since I first went to Devachan several years ago. Before joining this board, I hadn't even realized that curly product options had expanded beyond Deva and Ouidad!

I'd love to try some new CG-friendly products, particularly for volume and curl enhancement (I'm a 3b, but would love for it to be curlier). How do I decide between all of these options?
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I used to choose products based on posted feedback from women with the same hair type, but that's not reliable. Now I look for visible results a curly is getting in hair journals. I rarely go wrong by trying out a combo a similar hair curly has tried -- if she posts photos of the results or if I've seen her hair and she verbal posts. Also Laurabeth's Conditioner Chronicles are invaluable -- I would never have tried Robert Craig Conditioner if she hadn't included it and given it a good rating.

There's no science to this other than knowing curls need moisture and a good cut. It's trial and error. Since joining I think I've gone through 30-40 product trials. Before this board I was strictly a Ouidad/Curlisto user with maybe a little Paul Mitchell every so often.
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Start with the least expensive . And like SBB said, it's trial and error. What works for some, doesn't work for others.

Herbal Essence Body Envy gives nice volume and you might want to check out Suave Healthy Curls Anti-Frizz Cream. It's a Redken knockoff and, for me, has similarities to AG Re:coil, an expensive curl enhancer.

L'Oreal has a cream/gel that is good for volume called Out Of Bed (known as LOOB around here).

If you're modified CG, some of the Garnier Fructis stuff is good. They have a gel which I think I'm the only one on here who's used . It's the Weightless Volume XXL Gel. It always gives me good volume. The Soft Curl Cream is also very good. But they do have a cone in them that would require a poo now and again.

ABBA Weightless Gel gives great volume and can be found at Ulta or Trade Secret.

Jessicurl has some very good stylers and conditioners as well, all CG friendly.

Good luck on your hunt .
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If you don't want to 'waste' too much money and you have patience - you should check out the swap board. You can save lots of money by making a trade, buying a sample, etc. It's a good way to 'try' something.
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