Honey in dark hair?

I've been mixing a few drops of honey with my condish on a pretty regular basis, as I've found it a fantastic way to reduce frizz and increase curl definition. Will this lighten my naturally dark brown hair, or does it only mess with color treated hair? I don't want to mess up my hair color, but I would be so sad to give up the magical product that is honey!

I've never noticed any lightening with honey, even when I used it almost daily.
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I've heard people with very light brown, borderline-blonde hair say that using honey made their hair much blonder...since I fall into that category, that's the main reason I never really used honey; I was afraid I would become totally blonde. The lightening seemed to occur only with those people who were on the brown/blonde border, from what I heard.
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So how much honey do you add?

Like I have about 11 ounces of condish left and if I'd add honey, how much should I just put into the bottle?
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Yay! Thanks for your replies. This is very happy news, since my hair loves honey!

ttripleblond, i wouldn't mix honey directly into the bottle--i'm pretty sure that would cause your condish to go bad. i usually just mix a little bit (maybe a dime size amount of honey) with my condish in my palm right before applying it to my hair. i hope that helps!
i saw pictures on the long hair community boards of somebody who left honey in their hair for a long time (like all day) and her hair was a bit lighter, but when you use it for the few minutes that the condish is in your hair, it doesn't make a difference. i love honey too i love finding natural products that make my hair look awesome!
It doesn't sound like you use a lot, so I doubt it would lighten your hair.
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I used the occasional dab in my co (used to yse it all the time for months) and about 2T in my DT.
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I have been using honey for about a year , in my condishes or as a honey rinse and it hasnt lightened my hair , and i have dark brown hair , looks black when its wet.. i do get blonde highlights ever so often and havent noticed any lightening , i think being out in the sun would lighten my highlights somewhat more , when i was in vegas and was in the sun swimming and tanning by the pool by the time i got home my highlights were much lighter but still looked great .
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If you're concerned about honey on dark hair, you can use molasses instead. Same frizz calming moisturising effects as honey but in a lovely dark form, some even claim molasses will add depth to dark hair!

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I noticed that honey is making my dark brown hair more reddish. It has some red tones naturally. It's maybe lightened it a tad. I've been using it for a few months. I squeeze a dab of it in with my conditioner. About 40% honey, 60% conditioner - I get really technical when it comes to my hair.

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