Poll--are your curls colored or virgin?

I thought I should post this question here rather than on the coloring board because those who don't color wouldn't go to the color board.

I'm curious...who colors their curls/waves vs doesn't (and therefore has virgin curls/waves).

So, more specifically: Do you color, if so with what, and are you covering any gray?

Me: Yes, RC #7 Golden Chestnut, prematurely grayed about 35-40% (and very, very resistant to color and lets go of color very easily)
I've been color-free for the better part of 3yrs or so now. Virgin hair for the first time in over a decade!
Thankfully I don't have any grays to worry about yet.
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I started coloring about 6 months ago using Framesi professional color. But I've highlighted every 3-4 months prior to coloring for about 13 years. My hair seems in better condition with color only and no highlighting. I'm naturally blonde, so the highlights were lighter blonde highlights. I now have strawberry blonde thanks to Framesi color. The first time I colored strawberry, it washed out after about 2 weeks. This time it's definitely still vibrant. The first time they used conditioner when they added color so it was less permanent. As much as I heard that red doesn't last, this is still looking great after three weeks.
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I used to dye my hair a dark chocolate brown for a long time (naturally it's light/medium ash brown). Recently I've stopped dyeing it and it's been growing like a weed. I'm pretty sure most of my hair now is virgin. I have a few greys that pop up, so I just watch out for them and pull them out. If I start getting any more, I'll definitely go back to coloring.
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I used to color for fun, haven't colored for over a year now (it takes too much time!). I've got some white and some silver hairs. For some reason, they tend to be really shiny. Their number is increasing. Sigh.

I'm hoping to just go gray. I have my mom's hair and her gray looks good so maybe I'll get lucky. I'm old enough now that being gray won't make me look prematurely old...just age-appropriate old.

So far even though the grays are in the "top curly zone" of my head, they aren't particularly curly.
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Aside from an ill-conceived Ginger Spice blonde streak in college, I've never colored my hair.
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right now my hair is brown (from black) and i have some highlights
Definitely don't have virgin hair! I get bored with my looks very easily. Hair Color is just one way I change myself.
Right now, I have dark blonde highlights in reddish brown(natural color). But I'm bored, so after school lets out, I think I'm going to go all brown, but a lighter shade than my natural color. I'm going to wait till the summer b/c I've already changed my hair twice during this school year so I don't want to through my kindergartners off too much!
2c or 3a Cut most of my hair off in July '12 and am working on regrowing it.
Blonde highlights. Close to the colour my hair goes in the sun. I have no idea what shade they are because I get them done at the hairdressers. I do know it's colour by Wella.
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I have blonde highlights. My hair is dark blonde/light brown so they are pretty much the color my hair used to be and is usually in the summer. I have them done, so I'm not sure what she uses.
I do, Pintura highlights. I get them done at Devachan, NYC. In fact, I just got them done this past Saturday.
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I've been coloring my hair for years. I used to do the highlights thang. Now I just want to cover the ever-increasing greys. I just HATE seeing my hair going grey (and it's only about 5% or so).

I'm currently using Garnier-Fructis. Although I liked Herbatint I just couldn't get past the smell of it lingering in my hair for days. I also tried Bigen and that worked well but the color choices are limited. So for now, Garnier-Fructis it is.
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Me - RC #15. I am 80+% resistant gray/white. Karin on RC site advised me to use a more saturated solution (more powder in the same amount of water) and keep it on for 60 minutes and that works. I keep it on for 45-50 with a heatcap and draw through for 5-10.

Before RC I used Clairol Jazz (inconsistent color results) or Beautiful Browns (extremely temporary). Also used Natural Instincts; great color but the chemicals were to harsh.
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Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
Me, me! I'm a virgin!

Well, for now, anyway. The only thing I ever had done chemically was the Japanese Straightening, and that is all cut off and long gone now. But those greys are starting to increase in number, so I think I'll have to consider some colour soon...
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But then again, too few to mention...
My hair is virgin right now....I used to get highlights but gave them up several years ago and have long since cut all the highlighted hair off. I'm going to be 50 in July and am getting quite a bit of gray distributed throughout my hair but I just can't face the maintenance required when doing any kind of color.

A bonus is that my hair is in much better condition than when I had it highlighted. I may give it another try with my new hairdresser though.

I get mine done at a salon. Base color is about a level 7 blonde with no grays. The salon uses Wella Color Charm demi on me - a mix of two of their reds.
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In the past, I have dyed my hair red because I love red hair, and I've highlighted my hair to look more like my younger towheaded self. However, the colors on my head since I started CG are aaalll mine.

Including the solitary gray hair I discovered about a month ago.
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I'm a virgin here. I got blonde highlights once in my life- last summer- and they are just about all grown out. No plans to do that ever again, I'll just stick with just my red. :-)
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I'm a redheaded virgin also. I've never colored or highlighted it at all.
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i've never colored my hair before. i can't settle on a color so i don't bother with it. of course i can settle on tattoos
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