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Hey guys, it's been quite awhile since I've been on!!!

I've been pretty much CG only since I started in November, with an occasional shampoo to clarify if I have any build up (sometimes I get some buildup even without cones). Recently I started to use Cure Care from Sally's as my CO for washing, and I dilute it 1:4 with water, apply to the scalp, and put some straight on the length.

I think I have a sensitivity to the tiny bit of protein in it because my hair now feels ugh and dry and crunchy, especially on the areas of my hair that have color left over and are damaged.

My Fia type is 2A/C/iii. I'm considering going modified CG, and here's some stuff I got....

GF CnS leave in and rinse out condish....not sure if I'm going to use a different, lighter condish and continue to CO most of the time, or just use this...I'm sensitive to fragrance, so it'll depend on how my scalp reacts. My scalp does better with diluting though. I still CO on the majority of days, since I have flaky, dry, itchy scalp. I had thought about getting GF's version of dandruff shampoo and diluting it to do modified CG, but don't know yet if I will. I have no idea what ingredients are in it.

I have wanted to try GF's products for some time now. So I'm excited about trying them! I do have $ issues so need to stay on the cheap end of things.

Any recs for me? Products, like low sulfate poos from a drugstore (if there is such a thing)? I think my hair likes some cones too, so I don't mind occasionally needing to clarify as long as it's not too often.

Oh, and those that are modified, what products do you use and what are your routines? I know I'm full of questions. TIA!!!!
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I use Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo. It's not drugstore, but it's only $6 here in the Curlmart. I like it so far! I use it about twice a week, once if I feel like I can get away with it. Other days I co-wash with Suave Aloe and Waterlilly, clarifying, or whatever else happens to be in my shower. I rinse it all out and let it sit for only about a minute.

Then I put Suave's anti-frizz curl creme in soaking wet hair upside down. This is a great curl enhancer for me since my hair doesn't like magnesium sulfate. Plus it's cheap!!

Then I use either HE TT mousse or HE Body Envy gel, applied upside down and then plop for 10 minutes. Then diffuse for about 5 minutes.

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Trying to find a routine my hair likes!
I'm modified CG and like some of the GF stuff. I like the Curl-n-Shine and Sleek-n-Shine conditioners and leave-in conditioning creams. I also like the Soft Curl Cream and the Weightless Volume XXL Gel.

I use Suave's Clarifying Shampoo or (on Laurabeth's suggestion) Neutrogena Anti-Buildup Shampoo once in awhile. I believe you can get Creme of Nature at the store that's a no- or low-sulfate shampoo.

Be sure and visit the forum for "2's" to find out what others are using as well .
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