Shikakai, Amla poweder and other Ayurvedic herbs?

Anyone use these on their hair? I saw some posts in another forum about these powders. Some long hairs pre-treat their hair with oil (or not) then cleanse with an amla/shikakai/bringhaj [sic] paste and say they're hair looks superb, enhances growth, and is also enough to cleanse. They also add other stuff like marshmallow (not the fluff, the herb; may have the name wrong)?

Anyway if you use or have used them, appreciate your comments. TIA
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I use amla powder in my henna mix. Amla has an acidic quality, which henna needs to release it's dye, but it isn't damaging like lemon juice or vinegar are. I also think Amla imparts a lot of shine to my hair. It's also supposed to be curl enhancing, and I am a little curlier just after I do a henna/amla treatment.

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