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Curlgypsy 05-28-2007 06:43 PM

Need help finding....
I need help finding a certain stylist. I have been really desparate to find a stylist in my area so I did a google search. In this search I came across this myspace page.

She is a hair stylist that states she has a passion for curly hair and if you look at her pictures her hair is gorgeous. The problem is she doesn't say the salon that she works at. Since I am of the 50+ generation I am not that familar with myspace. Is there any way I can contact her to find out where she works? My only other alternative is to start calling all the salons in Cocoa Beach and ask if she works there. Any help anyone can give me would be great.

redcelticcurls 05-28-2007 07:46 PM

You have to be signed up to myspace to send her a message. On her page, you'd click on the left are where it says "send love".

If you don't want to sign up, I could contact her for you since I have a myspace.

Curlgypsy 05-28-2007 07:54 PM

If you don't mind contacting her that would be wonderful. Doesn't she have gorgeous curls?

redcelticcurls 05-28-2007 08:02 PM


Originally Posted by Curlgypsy
If you don't mind contacting her that would be wonderful. Doesn't she have gorgeous curls?

I think I got distracted by her bikini nakedness, but yes, she does have lovely curls. :)

redcelticcurls 05-28-2007 08:07 PM

Message sent! I'll let you know when she replies.

Curlgypsy 05-28-2007 08:15 PM

Thanks so much. I have been desparatley looking for someone on the east coast of Florida that can do curly hair. I think that having someone that has a passion for curls is a good start and then being a curly herself is a big plus.
I am tired of going to stylists where the first thing they suggest is that you straighten your hair.

I know what you mean aboutl the pics. I thought it was just me and not being used to what the younger genernation puts out there for all to see. But I am glad she shared her love of curls.

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