Cutting own hair-layers via pony tail on top of head method?

Hi. I was wondering for those who do/have done this, stupid question, but do you do this type of cut with your hair wet? Would it be disasterous to section out the bottom layer (my longest) so that it is not cut at all, and make the pony tail with the upper 3/4 of my hair, if that makes sense? Or will that make too much of a major gap between layers? Any tips, details would be greatly appreciated....not sure if I want to take the risk yet .

My best advice is start small. I've cut my hair a couple times myself, and it's actually about a 3-4 day process. I wash my hair, put in my 'stuff', (gels, whatever) and let it air dry completely so it lays naturally and clumps big (well, as 'big' as my skinny hair will clump). I just start cutting individual curls. I cut at the end of the curl and get rid of any stragglers, splits, ect. Make it a blunt cut. When I've done most of the curls I see that need it, I will then cut to 'shape'. For instance- the back was looking really crappy so I made some shorter layers. It was scary. Some curls I shortened 4 inches , but left the bottom layer with as much length as possible. My bottom layer is my 'crappiest' and worst curl, but it gives me the length and thats important to me. The top of my hair that frames my face was NOT framing it so well. The 'bangs' were very long and layed terrible. So, I think I chopped a good 2-3 inches off just the front framing pieces. It 'bounced' them right up. Over the next few days, or each time I wet my hair, I will clip and snip pieces here and there. Oh, I also cut at night when I pineapple my hair - it's a good way to get the back side ends!!
Yes, my hair is uneven, but you can't tell (except my one oops area ) and I can even straighten it and it looks fine.
Go slow! Take your time. Remember, you can always do more, but you can't put it back.
Good luck.
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I usually trim my hair via the ponytail on top of head method. I do it dry.
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I do this with dry straightened hair
3b-3c CG

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