Guidance please!

Hello everyone!

I've sort of been lurking around(religiously reading every post) for a while after discovering this place a month of so ago and decided it was time to get serious and invest in some decent products for my hair and was hoping to get some advice.

I haven't walked into a salon to get my hair cut in about 6 years after numerous curly hair cut disasters, so its pretty darn long, and I could probably benefit from a trim or even taking a few inches off. Until a month or two ago I was shampooing, conditioning with fairly cheap and cone ridden products, brushing with a huge paddle brush while it was wet, throwing it up in a ponytail and applying some aussie mousse. My hair was dry and damaged especially the under layer near my neck. Since my curly girl revolution I've cut out the shampoo completly, using lemon juice when needed though. Mostly using suave conditioners atm doing some olive oil in conditioner deep treatments and product experimenting. I've mostly been just trying to bring my hair back into a healthly state though I still have some trouble with dryness.

Before I take the plunge and buy all these things from curl mart I was hoping to get some advice from you guys! My curl mart shopping cart currently has in it:

Jessicurl Too shea- Until recently I thought this was a really good idea to help with my dry hair but will it be too heavy for the summer??
CURL KEEPER: I went back and forth between this and recoil but read in many posts that this is HG for the summer months.
DEVACURL ANGELL: or maybe arcangell because i have so much hair and the extra hold may be better suited for it.

I've always been a mousse person personally, and really liked Joiwhip and may continue using it. I'm hoping the Ck will bring my ringlets back in full force as I have seemed to lost them due to the lenth my hair has gotten!
I also just created a fotki, the link should be in my sig, with just a few pictures so you can get an idea of what my hair is like.

Any and all help/advice will be very much appreciated! Everyone here has already helped me out alot just from reading you're posts, thank you!
3a/b Thick, dry, in need of a haircut.
HG's: Giovannia Smooth as Silk Conditioner and Aura Hypoallergenic Gel.

Whee a fotki!
3a/b Thick, dry, in need of a haircut.
HG's: Giovannia Smooth as Silk Conditioner and Aura Hypoallergenic Gel.

Whee a fotki!
Just wanted to say you have gorgeous hair!!

I think all your choices are great -- My hair is pretty fine 3b and Too Shea is not too heavy for me, it seems to drink it up actually...and if your hair is pretty dry, it might benefit from this condish.

Curl Keeper and Angell -- I always have both of these on hand. I've not used Curl Keeper lately and just used Angell over Devacurl One Condition (another wonderful conditioner).

Let us know what you decide! Can't wait to see some more pics! I wish I could get my length near what yours is.
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Looking to try Devacurl Decadence line next! Can't wait to try it.
Hi Notinabottle,

First of all, your pictures are beautiful! Secondly, once your stylist gets rid of all the split ends (she may chop off five inches or more, depending on how damaged your hair is), your hair will be less weighed down and that will release some more of the curl. Also, if you have dryness problems you may want to stop using lemon juice on your hair since that can make it more dry (and can damage it in sunlight). I'll let the other members who are on the CG routine advise you on the products you are thinking of buying. HTH!
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Thanks for your replies!

I think I'm going to go for it and give those products a shot, and maybe some joiwhip just in case because my hair likes it. The first time i used it I had one of the best hair days ever. It looked so nice though i couldnt stop playing with it and it sort of turned into a poofy mess.

5 inches! holy crap. The last time I got my hair cut I was 17 and he cut it just above my shoulders. with layers! It was horrid and after that I just stopped going...
for 7 years.
It's probably a good idea.

Do you think and ACV rinse would be better than the lemon juice? I only do about once every week or two.
3a/b Thick, dry, in need of a haircut.
HG's: Giovannia Smooth as Silk Conditioner and Aura Hypoallergenic Gel.

Whee a fotki!

I just wanted to say welcome, and that I want your hair it's beautiful! For some reason after having my son, I cannot get my hair to grow much past shoulder length.

Please share new pictures after you've tried other products.

Take care,
I think your hair looks great with the JoiWhip!

Curl Keeper and Re:coil are two different animals. You've got such lovely ringlets that I wouldn't think you'd need Re:coil anyway. The CK is definitely a must for the summer. If it doesn't work for you, you'll have no problems getting rid of on the Swap Board.

Welcome to .
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