Help, my hair is ashy/green from the swimming pool!!!

I moved into a house with a pool last month and have been swimming everday. It is a salt water pool, though it still does have a small amount of chlorine.

My hair, which is highlighted blond, has turned an awful ashy/green color. I looked on the interent for solutions and tried the white vinegar/aspirin combo and tomato sauce but nothing has worked. I'm so afraid this is permanent. My hair was a beautiful color of blonde, the kind you would get from the sun bleaching it.

Any suggestions, anyone???!!!!!
Try using this....

i used to use it when I was a kid. I know it works pretty well on blondes too. You might also want to think of purchasing a bathing cap too. I know they look funny but it will prevent that from happening again.


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thank you Echokitten: I just searched for it on and read lots of reviews stating it does take the green out. Yea!!!!!!! I feel releived, I'm going to walgreens now to buy it.

Thank you for taking the time to answer.
Or you can buy TRESemme Deep Cleansing Vitamin C shampoo.

It does have ALS, but also pretty gentle because of the proteins.

It has LOADS of lemon/grapefruit extracts that have been proven to take off the green. (It says that on the back of the bottle. xD)
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You might want to get in the habit of wetting your hair with tapwater before getting in the pool. Wet and under a swimcap should help some, but if the swimcap isn't gonna work then just wetting should help keep chlorine from getting in the cuticle. Hope you get your blonde back!
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Weeklyish shampoo with CO's inbetween to keep down the grease.

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