How to prepare for a CG cut?

Hello All,

I have an appointment with Holli at Reflections of Radiance Day Spa in the Kansas City area, who was recommended by several people on this site. According to the comments, she is trained in the CG method. My question is this: Since the hair is cut dry, do I go to the appointment with my hair styled or unstyled, with products in or without?

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I go however I did my hair that day, with products and everything. I just make sure it's dry. My stylist mists my hair with Mister Right and scrunches a bit to encourage the curl, then she cuts. I think the closer your hair looks to "normal", the better.
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The stylist I just went to asked me to come in 'done' also. She just picked out curls to trim all over.
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I think the closer your hair looks to "normal", the better.
Originally Posted by spacegirl
Exactly. When they can see how your hair looks on a regular basis, they know more what they're working with.
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Exactly. It's best if they see it done, esp how you do it on a daily basis. The only thing she told me was that I not put so much product in that she can't pick the curls out (stiff and coated would not be good).

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Thanks, guys! This is very helpful. Styled it will be.
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