Hair Breakage-Proteins?

Hi, I have very dry color treated, frizzy, wavy hair, that's prone to breakage. I've been using Batia and Aleezia's Bio-Protein conditioner for a couple of months and my hair seems much worse. I thought protein was supposed to strengthen your hair. Could it be causing my hair to break more? Thanks. Kathy
Protein isn't for everyone, you may have protein sensitive hair... does it feel crunchy after using protein? May be worth giving up the protein for a while and seeing how your hair reacts, or just cutting down the usage. My hair likes protein but in very occasional / small doses!
Yes, my hair does feel drier and crunchy! Do you know of any good conditioners to strengthen and moisturize without proteins? Thanks.
Hi, I live in Pennsylvania, but am originally from NYC. I see you're from the UK. Kathy
Personally I wouldn't do protein that much. Protein can be good for damaged hair, but you can overdo it. I only do a few treatments a month followed by a deep conditioning treatment. And my hair never looks very good the day of, feels good but very fluffy.
kathy... as you're in the US the world is your oyster! (its a little more difficult to find curl friendly product this side of the pond)

If you hang around on the boards and check out the reviews you should soon get an increaingly long list of products to try.

I think most condishioner contain a little protein which you may be ok with, it might just be the quantities you were using before, you'll probably need to experiment a little but in terms of moisture you might want to try.. Elucence moisture balance condish, some of the devacurl stuff, jessicurls aloeba or too shea (depending on how much moisture and how easily weighted down your hair is), back to basics peach... the list goes on! i'm hoping some more suggestions will come in for you from people who live in the states. oh.. check out laurabeths conditioner chronicles as well.. one last thing!! Have you tried the no-shampoo / curly girl routine? If you have dry hair it may be worth a go. i'll bump any useful threads i find...

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