About my hair cut (in April?)

I tried going wavy yesterday for my son's graduation (used heat protector on top of straightening balm & blow dried on high without diffuser), but since my hair ended up too large & not cooperating how I wanted it to, I put it up in a high twisted loop with a barrette.

When I got home & changed back into comfortable clothes I put my hair into a French twist with a claw clip with the ends sticking out. When I took that out to put it into a high ponytail to sleep in, it had pretty much straightened on its own.

So this morning I used the flat iron to smooth out the kinks & I see the right side around cheekbone level is approximately 2-inches shorter than the left!!! And it looks like it was razored!!! And the back is thinned out to the extreme!!!

I guess I didn't notice such until now because I didn't wear my hair straight since the day of the cut & even then it had some curl put back in.

It's past time for me to find a decent stylist. I'll just have to make an expensive Deva stylist appointment & bite the bullet on the "lengthy" drive. *SIGH*
That sucks! Nobody should have to pay for an asymmetrical haircut when they didnt ask for one.
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Yikes! A couple years ago when I was wearing my hair straight I got a lopsided cut, I went back to the shop and they fixed it but it still annoyed me. Hope your diva cut goes well, I'm close to trying it myself but can't quite bring myself to pay as much as the SLC stylist charges for a trim
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Same thing happened to me!

But that was like 9 months ago, and I'm STILL growing it out.

I had my hair almost mid back and decided to TRIM and get layers. The lady cut off 1.5 ft from my hair, had the most disgusting lopsided layers into it. And on top of all of that, she did it with a razer. I couldn't wear it curly or straight. So then I went in the next day and got it redone, it was bad all over, I had to cut off another 3 inches off of my hair.

She butchered my hair.

After 3 days it was the first day of school!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Well, I just made a quick decision to let it grow out for a few months due to a special event happening mid to end Sept or beginning to mid Oct, & make an appointment for the beginning of Sept when her books open.

I don't want to pay the price for a full-blown cut now since I think I just need a side reshaping & bang trim. And the back at this point can't be touched at all or there won't be anything left!
Double post.
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Owner Of CG Recipe Website: www.freewebs.com/triplecurl
did the stylist cut your hair dry? When you got it cut, were you wearing it curly?

Do you suppose it's shorter on one side than the other because the beautician was trying to take into consideration your curl pattern? Maybe the stylist figured you wouldn't want to straighten it and cut it to make the curls look even when dry?

I'm sorta talking out loud here. I don't know what you & your stylist had hoped to accomplish.

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