compliments on your hair

I've been looking through the boards and was reading some of the many "hall of shame" posts, as well as the one about hurtful comments people have made about our curls. It's just depressing!

So for a pleasant change, tell us about the best COMPLIMENTS you've received on your curls!


For me, I only started wearing my hair curly less than a year ago, and when I came to my percussion rehearsal one day with my hair down (one of my first good hair days curly), my teacher said "Wow, did you get a perm?" When I told her my hair just did that, she said "It looks so pretty, you should wear it like that all the time." Coming from a stylish rockin girl like her, it made me feel so great about my curls!
The lead singer of a local band once told me I had 'rock star' hair.
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Apparently my hair in combination with my skin make me look like a porcelain doll. I get that a lot... once or twice a week.

So, I think that's a compliment .
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when i was going on my first date with my now husband, i asked the guys in the office if i should wear my hair straight or curly... much to my suprise it was a resounding "curly!" i took that as a compliment to my curls
It seems like I get compliments from strangers on days when I believe my hair to be at its worst. I remember standing in line at Walgreens, my hair pulled back to hide the super poof that was wanting so hard to be free, when the lady in front of me turned back, asked if it was natural, and told me it looked beautiful. That just made my day!
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People have told me that my blonde curls make me look angelic. I think that's meant to be a compliment! I used to model a little bit and got a few jobs because of my curly hair. They said my curls were "crazy beautiful."

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