I got a 'deva' cut in Minneapolis!!

Hi ladies,

How exciting that there is a good stylist in the cities! Can you tell me what the salon is like? Is it busy there? Were there lots of stylists working at the time you were there? I want to find a place that is quiet. I definitely need some expert help with my hair! Thanks!
Originally Posted by Greencurls
I was there on a Saturday. There was 3 other stylists working. Maybe 2 others waiting while I was waiting. I would definately say it was quiet. Now, another girl went there and she said it was quite busy when she was there. I suppose it just depends. I'd say stop in, check it out. Maybe make a consultation appt.
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Location - WI
When I went it was pretty quiet. There were two or three other clients around at different times, but the atmosphere was relaxing and quiet.

My appointment was at noon on a Friday, BTW.
Thank you both for your replies! You know, I am surprised there aren't more Deva stylists in the cities, as it seems the cities are so big on salons and such.

I found a rec for on the CurlSalons board for a salon near me--Colleen & Co. I wish I knew who made the rec so I could ask them some questions!

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