Overplopping *&6%!!#$

I have to be soo careful of my plopping time. I dont know if it's because my hair is fine and dries more quickly than thicker haired curlies or if it's because of the fineness it can get flattened out. So, yep, overplopped today because I got a phone call
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You need to tote a timer around with you!
Oh I HATE when that happens! I set an alarm timer on my cell phone, which I always have one me.
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If you call this plopping, the same thing happened to me. I plop my wet hair into a shower cap after washing and applying products. Then I usually diffuse for about 10 minutes. This time I was sidetracked by a phone call my husband was making to the cable internet company, and ended up doing a bunch of stuff while wearing the shower cap. Now my hair is kind of flat and not bouncy at all, wavy instead of curly. Probably doesn't help that I didn't diffuse after all.

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