Conair Curl Fusion Ionic Dryer: Anyone Tried?

hi, anyone with long like 5 inches below sholders using this with good results?
Sorry to revive a super-old post, but I wanted to comment on this hair dryer. I bought it in April/May 2009 and although I don't heat style my hair now as much as I used to, I really like this blow dryer! It keeps the frizz in my hair to a minimum, and won't interfere with the natural waves unless I rake the "fingers" through my hair. Because my hair is somewhat thin, it takes me only about 15 minutes to dry my hair, which is down to mid-back length.

I recently used a different blow dryer that I have at home, and it made my hair super frizzy! I had forgotten how much I need a diffuser. I bought mine at CVS but they don't sell it anymore
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