do vinegar rinses lighten hair overtime

I have virgin jet black hair and i want to do vinegar rinses weekly, but i dont want my hair to get lighter- did anyones hair lighten with vinegar rinses??
I don't believe so. I know it can strip hairdye because of the acidity, but I'm pretty sure it won't affect virgin hair.
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I've been doing them for over two years and haven't seen any lightening.

Too many vinegar rinses can open up the cuticle. That's been my experience.....
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I don't think it can lighten hair, but it is supposed to bring out the red in red hair (red vinegar, not white).
It can be a bit harsh, so I would say don't do it all the time.

FYI: It also stops lice, not that this is probably a concern fo ryou.
But, if you work with little kids like in a school or something, regular vinegar rinses will stop the lice from being able to put eggs on your hair.
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Nope, but weekly is pretty often -- might want to do every other week at most.
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