I BC(will be 3 weeks ago on wed.), played with my hair for 2 weeks trying to get to act right, went through about 10 different products and i have come to this conclusion.......i really don't care anymore. i don't care about having perfect curls cuz i'll never have them, i don't care about having frizz cuz i always will, and frankly being curly isn't all it's cracked up to be...lmao j/k on that one but yeh i straighten my hair today for the first time after the BC and i was not impressed it's about 2 or 3in past my shoulders(i thought it was barely touching them go figure) and it looked horrible to me. my hair is SUPER thick so with it being that short(i've had long hair my whole life so anything shorter than my boobs is really really short to me) it just doesn't compliment me. the same thing applies when it's curly it just doesn't look good on me. Maybe when it get long(according to my standards) it'll look better. i saw a jar of coconut oil today so i think i'll get it mon. sry for ranting and before anyone asks, i don''t have pics but i will one day soon, lol.
hair properties: low porosity, coarse, dense and predominantly 3b I guess

current products:
conditioner - suave professionals
leave in - suave naturals
stylers - shea moisture smoothie and xtreme gel
When I finally started NOT obsessing over my curls and stopped worrying about them being perfect...they started behaving and looked great. So I figure not stressing is the way to go!
pw - jack

Going natural for the summer...just a dab of ArcAngell!
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Abby your grand daughter is precious! I also have to say I LOVE Ouidad climate control...I mix with Tres FX. Less worry about my curl too and it turns out just fine.
*must add that the stopping the obsessing helped a lot!
Aw, thanks!! I need to update my pic...she gets cuter every day!!

Are you doing your hair curly these days? Isn't this gel THE GREATEST?? It's like liquid gold!
pw - jack

Going natural for the summer...just a dab of ArcAngell!
Posts: n/a
Yes, I am curly again...injury forced me to hahahaaa. Now I am loving it! Yes, it is like liquid gold and I love it! I have used it off and on since last summer.

Hang in there Leigh 07'

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