Saw a new sulfate-free shampoo

I wish they'd list their ingredients.
3b-3c CG
Me too!

I've bought several sulfate-free shampoos that were really drying. I'm not sure what to look for in sulfate-free shampoo ingredients, though.
I've been noticing that many of the "sulfate free" poos have a "sulfosuccinate" as the surfactant. I have found this type of surfactant to be drying; purology hydrate is one example. Turned my hair into straw.
I know that for sure you should avoid sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate, because it's just as harsh as sulfates.
3b-3c CG
I tend to generally avoid anything that sounds like sulfate as a surfectant because most of the ones I've tried are no more gentle than the least harsh sulfate.
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