Post Your Routines and Hair Types :P

Ok, here's my routine:

I have lots of 3b with some 3c and 3a mixed in, shoulder length, highlighted, devachan cut hair.

- wash with Devacurl no-poo
- condition with Devacurl OneC then rinse
- put more OneC in and use as leave-in (rake through with fingers)
- scrunch dry with a t-shirt

- rake in Curl Keeper (my new HG, it works great for me!)
- scrunch in some Re:coil
- clip the top so I don't have flat head
- diffuse for about 10 minutes to get it about half dry (drys it the rest of the way in the car to work)
- scrunch any crunch out with my hands

This has been working so good for me, that if I put my hair in a pineapple at night, I can get 2nd and 3rd day hair. If my hair starts getting a little frizzy, I scrunch in some Jessicurl Confident Coils on day 2 or 3, as needed.
3B, with some 3C
Most 3a, with a few 2c strands.

Rinse and condition. Wash with non-sulfate poo first, if necessary. Rinse hair upside down and squeeze some water out gentle. Scrunch in pea size dollop of re:coil emulsifyied in hands. Then scrunch in joiwhip or AG stylingjel (still looking for a new styling product). I diffuse upside down and each side until nearly dry. Once dry I scrunch out the crunch. I think I may try SIF again for that!

Overall, I'm happy with the curls I get from this routine. The only problem I have is frizz and how some parts of my hair lay (blame it on the need for a trim).
In DESPERATE need of a haircut.

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