Is alcohol denat. bad for hair?

I got a free Redken curl force 17 and I'd like to try it but it has alcohol denat. as an ingredient. Is this the drying alcohol? What does "denatured" mean in terms of an alcohol?

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It's the same as SD Alcohol-40. Yup, it's drying.
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Yup, drying as heck. Denatured alcohol (or alcohol denat.), SD-alcohol-40, and isopropyl alcohol are a few of the most common drying ones.

According to Wikipedia:
As used in the phrase denatured alcohol, denatured means "a specific property of ethanol, its usefulness as a beverage, is removed".
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I tested Redken Curl Force. The intense frizz I got reminded me of Devacurl Set It Free, and my hair felt tacky, sticky, and very dry also. In comparison, SIF made my hair feel coated-dry, but CF was a dry-parched sensation beyond that.

So if you like SIF, it could be worth trying in a similar technique. I wasn't thrilled with either.
Hey thanks for the replies! You would think that Redken, a well-established haircare company, would realize that including alcohols in a product for curlies is a no-no. Unless of course they want to make your hair feel drier so you'll have to buy their conditioner. That may be a little too conspiracy theory, but sometimes I wonder. In the end I will not be using this stuff.

In terms of SIF, I agree with you Laurabeth, it just seems to make my hair sticky.
Botticelli/3A with some waves too!
Redken is a business, and if they can get away with it, they'll use the cheapest ingedients possible to make the highest profit.
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I have some to discover over the years that Redken cares nothing for the health of hair.
2/f/i, waist length w/ long layers
pwd: hair

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