does straight hair suit your face?

Hey, xcptnl, I must have glossed over your previous post. I'm a complete klutz when it comes to styling tools myself. My current routine (which is working well, because I still need volume) is that I wash every other day with Aveda Smooth Infusion shampoo and condition with the Smooth Infusion conditioner. Then I put two dollops of the Aveda Hang Straight in my hair (one on the top, one underneath), rough dry, then put my hair in velcro rollers and leave those in until I get dressed. No brushes, no flat irons. On the off-days, I still rinse & condition, and do the styling routine. It seems to be working well, and I don't get much heat damage. The Hang Straight does have the -xane cone in it, but I use a sulfate poo once a week, and that seems to handle it.
Personally, I think I look better (and younger) with straight hair (and bangs). I know, for me, when my hair is frizzy due to humidity, it seems to age me.

If I had thicker, fuller hair I might think differently. But if the good Lord would have given me a choice, I'd have asked for straight hair .

You'd think going with what Mother Nature gave us would be foolproof, but it ain't alot of times!
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"I feel like straight hair suits me so well. I feel like curly hair makes my face look less symmetrical or something. I also feel like curly hair doesn't work with all of my clothes if that makes any sense. "

I think my face looks nicer when I'm "straight" (although the size of my hair doesn't change at all..) but it's too much work and I love my curls.

About the "working with clothes" -- I have found the perfect solution to this problem.
Yes, I'm one of those people who wears plaid pants on a regular basis.

-cough- five pairs, not counting shorts...
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I've only ever straightened my hair twice, and both of those times I didn't do a very good job - so I have no idea! I would be curious to do it one of these days and see how it looks.

However, I think curly hair suits me perfectly. On most days I look cute or fun or pretty, I can tie it back or put it in a sleek bun to look professional for work if I need to, and I'm quite striking when I put a little effort into how I look, and my hair is a part of that.

BUT I'm also not really concerned with mainstream culture, and definitely march to my own maybe I'm less influenced by media and the idea that people might not see me as sophisticated or grown up??? I think I can be both of those things. (that's not a judgment on those who may be influenced by such things, although it makes me kind of sad when people aren't embracing their curls and loving what they've got.)
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Love the hair!
I generally think I look better with straight hair.

I guess part of it is being so used to seeing myself that way. Part of it is how unpredictable my hair can be when it's curly/wavy. It's getting better though. Straightening is still the much more predictable but I'm starting to be able to get consistently good natural hair. Of course, as good as it may look, it never looks the same way twice and no way can I actually predict which style I'll get that day. Sometimes it looks as good (in context with my face) as it does straight, but sometimes it just does weird things in the front or refuses to do similar things on both sides.

Also, I think I look skinnier with straight hair. I'm really not sure that's the case from someone else's perspective though.

As far as my overall hair (from the back), it looks a lot cooler curly.

I just went and looked at some pictures from the past few months (straight vs wavy/curly) and I think I'm starting to like it just as well curly. It looks just as good, if I could keep that one friggin curl from falling in my face!!
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I think either one suits my face, but curly hair definitely suits my clothes and style better than straight.

i just feel so awkward when it's straightened, my features look much more angular and i feel fat for some reason. i'm surprised that so many people feel better with straight hair.
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My face used to look too skinny and long when I straightened's not so bad now since I've gained some and more. I definitely look older with straight hair. I'm surprised so many of you look older in curls. Curls usually make people look younger. I think most of us think straight hair looks better with some clothes or this or that because of what we are used to seeing. But I do know what yall mean. I have some tops/dresses(actually just 2) that are kinda busy and really nice that I want to straighten my hair for so that the attention is on the top or dress and not my hair.
I happen to believe as Fran Drescher used to say on The Nanny, the bigger the hair, the smaller the hips look!

I happen to believe as Fran Drescher used to say on The Nanny, the bigger the hair, the smaller the hips look!

Originally Posted by Botticelli Venus
Too bad my hair has little to no volume either way. I can't imagine how big it'd have to be to offset my butt though!
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~a wave in a sea of curls
I think I look good either way. Though since I have put on some weight, I feel that straight hair seems to emphasize that. (Yuck)

Curly hair makes me look younger too. But I like the curls more and they go with my personality!
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I think I look weird with straight hair. I've only ever straightened a couple of times because it just doesn't seem to match me. I like my curls much better, I'm more comfortable in them, and I live in Southern Texas anyway....straight only lasts a few minutes!
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I think I look better with straight hair and growing up whenever I had my hair straight my classmates would tell me that I looked so much better with straight hair and should have it straight more often.

If I could afford to gget my hair straightened @ the salon every week I would do iot in a heartbeat.
Another vote for looking and feeling more confident when my hair is straight. I have been on a 3 week stint of only curly hair other then saturday when I was going out with my girlfriends I straightened it, I feel so wild looking with my curls, that is what my husband loves about them, if he tells me ohhh look at how wild that hair is today it goes up in a claw clip but thats cause i feel like everyone is looking at me cause my curls have a mind of their own, my top is a wavy odd look that once in a while i can get to look somewhat decent but most times i just hate my front.
Gina (aka Playzwithfire)
You pull of the bangs-curly hair combo really well! I wish I could do that.
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Do you know what I think it is? For me anyway. Its because when you have curls, you have to have the energy to rock 'em!! So, when you're feeling up and bouncy, and your skin looks nice and you feel well, the curls work, but when you have straight hair, you don't really have to try very hard, because you look mainstream and blend in easily.

I remember when i had straight hair, I could go out to pick the kids up from school even on an ugly day, without feeling too conspicuous. But when you have big curls, people DO look your way, so if you have a big spot, haven't bleached your facial hair, or are generally looking a bit "morning after", you feel awful!....I don't know, it made sense when I started typing, now I feel I lost myself....
Here are my curly pics, password is fuzz

But then again, too few to mention...
Gina (aka Playzwithfire)
You pull of the bangs-curly hair combo really well! I wish I could do that.
Originally Posted by realistic

Thank you, considering they wont curl lol. but my hair is definatly cut for more of the straight look id say cause i am way too scared to get my hair cut just for curly. I like that I can wear it either way...and look somewhat decent lol
I always get compliments when I straighten my hair, but I was only doing it 2-3 times a month before trying to embrace the wave, so I think it was as much the novelty of sleek, straight hair and the fact that it was down and not in a ponytail that got all the notice. If I had it like that all the time, it wouldn't have been a big deal to anyone.

I've also had lots of compliments since going wavy too, though, so I guess either one suits me.

Me wavy:

Me straight:
I never get any compliments when I straighten my hair -- especially around people who don't know it's actually curly. I probably look just like everybody else. If it's people who know, they just say it looks cute both ways, but from strangers, never. When it's curly, strangers will speak to me about how lovely it is, even on bad hair days. (Usually men.)

If it's a guy I'm dating, he's usually fascinated that I can look like two different people.
I love love love my hair big!

I have always felt that I look better as a whole with curly hair. I'm a rather tomboyish sort of girl. I always wear slacks or jeans. One time i wore a dress though. That was at my wedding. My style is rather like Ellen Degeneres. Very tailored and boyish- although i do enjoy girly colors. I still feel very feminine but I have a very hard time pulling off flowing romantic looking clothing. Which I think is weird because I tend to identify curly hair as romantic. I do have a shorter cut and enjoy my hair being sort of afroish.

I do think that i have curly hair and i'm 6' tall for a reason.

Cause I'm Lucky!
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Hard water!

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