I think I just diffused successfully for the first time!

I bought a dryer w/ diffuser a few months ago and I've attempted diffusing a handfull of times but haven't been all that happy with the results.
It's still not quite dry yet tonight but I'm really excited about my results this time. I think the BRHG made a lot of the difference.

I COwashed with Nature's Gate Aloe (the old stuff), conditioned with Suave Peach Mango (it was an evening of discontinued products I forgot I had ), used Aloeba as a leave-in, then a little LOOB and some BRHG (more than I've been using so far) then plopped for about 10min. I'm getting ready for bed and decided I didn't want to have to wait too long for my hair to dry a bit and figured I'd try diffusing again.

I think the BRHG kept my short hairs from flying around while I dried. I used the pixiecurl method, as always but this time I did it entirely right side up, rather than starting upside down. So far it looks and feels great with none of the crazy frizzies I usually get.

I'm just thrilled and wanted to share.
Too bad I have to sleep on it now so I won't get to see exactly how it dries in the end.
2/f/i, waist length w/ long layers

pwd: hair

~a wave in a sea of curls
Sweet! I'm glad you found a routine that works! It's so hard to find the right combo of products. My hair usually seems better/less frizzy when air-dried too, but the diffuser saves so much time!
2a/M-C/ii hair. Super long.
I ended up going to sleep before my hair had time to totlly dry that night but last night I tried again with good results. I COwashed with VO5 Blueberries & Cream (not the best conditioner but wow does it smell goooood), conditioned with DE Italian Red Grape Co and B2B Pom Peach on the ends, used a little Aloeba as a leave-in/detangler, skipped hte creams and went straight to Joiwhip and topped witha tiny bit of BRHG for shine.
I diffused the same way until it was maybe 60% dry (I'm bad at judging).
Stayed up long enough for it to get abuot 98% dry and scrunched just to see how it turned out. Boy were my ends curly!
Tossed it up over the pillow to sleep.
I now have rockin' second day hair!! Still lots of curl and very little frizz. Not much root volume but who am I kidding, I never have root volume. It's not even as flat as normal though so that's definitely something.
2/f/i, waist length w/ long layers

pwd: hair

~a wave in a sea of curls

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