trying out a new salon?

Ooo - scary! I haven't had my hair professionally cut in over a year. I've been doing a hack job at trimming, and snipping off split ends myself since April of last year. I'm thinking about trying a new salon that is listed on the Deva website for a Deva cut in my area. The thing that scares me is that it's this little dinky salon called "Hair We Are". I know I'm being superficial b/c of the name, but I'm used to getting my hair cut at places called ESCAPE, TRUE, and STYLE. I'm totally apprehensive of a salon called "Hair We Are" -

Now, they could obviously have perfectly competent stylists, but it's scary enough going to a new place, ya know? What'dya think?
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Is Cala Renee so far away from you that you can't manage the trip? I'm not sure what is a reasonable distance for you, considering that you have a toddler and a newborn. But, I dig Cala, she's good.
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Ya, waaayyy too far. No way I'm going to Cambridge. I'm almost in Worcester.
~ the artist formerly known as babywavy ~

Please excuse any typos. For the time being, we are blaming it on my computer.
There's a place called "Hair It Is" not too far from my house. Years ago, there was also a place called "Scissors Palace" that won a "Best of Portland" award for their name (took me a few minutes to understand why). I think names like that are just a different type of marketing technique,

Pun names like that make me chuckle, and I think they're clever marketing. They're probably trying to tap into people who are intimidated by "hoity-toity" salons, and/or have a hard time remembering a generic name. Personally, I'd rather go into a place that can laugh at itself, than a place that takes itself too seriously trying to be über-swank.

Probably the best way to maybe foresee whether or not they're total crap, is just to go in–under the guise that you're looking at products or looking at their hairstyle books or something–and just secretly observe the environment. Their prices may also give you some clue ($10 vs. $50).

ETA: Think of how many people have migrated to The Bee Hive in Brooklyn, from Devachan in NYC!
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I wish you were closer to western MA - I really liked the salon I went to in Amherst. She had the most beautiful hair. She used the products I use and my technique because she wanted to make sure I could do it at home which I thought was so nice. I think the only issue she had was that my hair is so fine - she was not used to working with that type of curly hair so much. But overall she did a great cut.

ETA - I think the idea of just going in to the salon you are thinking about to product shop is a good one.
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Theres a place in my town called 'Hairs The Thing'. Cute!

I say go for it. I'm sure if she's deva trained, it will be fine. At least not so terrible it won't grow back
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Go for it. I tried a new salon last week. I got the stylist's name from the devaconcepts website. There were actually two stylists listed and the one who answered the phone is the one I made the appt with. The salon is in a not-so-great neighborhood, in an almost empty shopping center, but everything worked out great (also, being in a low rent district, the cut was only $20 ).

And, as much as I hate to say it... if it doesn't work out, at least you tried, and it'll grow back.
Cala is actually up in Beverly, but that's probably even further from where you are,
Lots and lots of fine 3b-ish hair.
DevaCurl currently, but exploring new products.
Love the hair!

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