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Hi Curlies, I need some quick advice. Normally I style my hair for the entire day, curly of course. Then before I do to bed I pack my curls in a pillow case. When I wake up in the morning, I have lots of limp sad looking curls. I guess they didn't survive the night. What should I do?I don't think I want to wash and style all over again.
Hi there. Lots of people like to "pineapple" their curls, that is, gather the curls gently at the top of the head like a pineapple, and hold together with a scrunchie. That way, the curls are up and out of the way, and are pretty well protected from being laid on. A spritz of water the next day is usually enough to revive the curls.

Another thing you could try is plopping over night. There is a page with instructions on how to do this here

Hope this helps, good luck with those second day curls!

Liz x
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But then again, too few to mention...
Must use a satin pillowcase!!!! Cotton sucks the moisture out of your curls causing frizz.
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