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I know a lot of people use the GF Curl n Shine leave in, and also some of the Deva products, which have Amodimethicone in them. I'd like to try some of these (especially the GF CnS), but am nervous about doing so. I don't want to have to wash my hair with anything too brutal. How easy is this stuff to get out, and how often would I need to do so?
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It totally depends on your hair. Some people strictly co-wash and can use GF CnS daily. I got build up from OneC (which has the a-cone much lower in the ingredient list) when I was strictly CG. I got build up after a month, while other people use it for years on end with no issues. You should be able to get it out with a sulfate-free shampoo, so it wouldn't be as bad on your hair. I recommend you try it and really watch your hair. If you see build-up, slow down with how often you use it. Even if you can't get away with using it daily, maybe you could still use it a couple of times a week without problems.
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I hated this stuff! Im really sad because I had high hopes for this. It made my hair hard and dry, and totally made my hair shrink up to my ears. Im mod cg, so I only use condish most of the time, so when I used this, I could tell the difference immediatley. I try to avoid cones, but I gave it a shot based on all the amazing reviews. I didnt like it, but im in the minority becasue most liked it. I gave it to my 2a mom, and she loves it. My hair is much curlier and thicker than hers, so I need much more moisture than the GF Curl and Shine provided.
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