View Poll Results: If you have been successfull with the cg routine what products did you use?
Devacurl line 11 31.43%
Jessicurl Line 10 28.57%
Suave or V05 4 11.43%
Health store conditioner 5 14.29%
Other 5 14.29%
Voters: 35. You may not vote on this poll

IF you do cg answer the poll

I was just wondering about the cg routine.
Well, I use both the Devacurl and Jessicurl products, and I know there are many others that do the same, so it's hard for me to pick one over the other. I give them both credit for making my hair so much healthier then it was pre-CG, so I'm having a hard time choosing one over the other, though I probably use the Deva No-Poo and One C more often, yet I might use Jessicurl RR/CCSS more then Angell?
3a/2c f/mii. pics added 2/3/07
I like Jessicurl because of the variety of products offered. You can try different combos, different orders of application. Honestly, my hair is much healthier using these products than before I started CG.
Location: Texas
Type: 3b/3c (i), below shoulder length.
CO wash: A-O GPB LYY, Desert Essence Coconut, Oribe Silverati
Leave-ins: Curl Junkie Beauti-Curls, KCKT, cno overnight
Styling: BRHG, MGA Sculpting Gel, A-O Mandarin Magic Gel, LOTD AVG, LALSG, CJ Pattern Pusha
DT: Curl Junkie Deep Fix, Briogeo Don't Despair Repair!
Love both Devacurl and Jessicurl. No-poo is so easy to use, a CG basic! Too shea is Great, the DT, really so many! The drug/healthstore route is trickier. I would have said I recommend Avalon also, but apparently all of the formulas are changing (?) The Mint Thyme condish was great, as were Lemon, Ylang Ylang, Lavender; what a shame!
Even sounds like the One Condish was having Quality Control issues.
At least we can always count on Jess!
CG since 7/04 2a/3a Carlos:"Strong wavy"
Fine brunette Cut to shoulder length from past bsl - love it shorter = curlier!
Spirals in summer Wavy S's in winter
MOP c-system hydrating poo & moisture complex
I have have not tried Devacurl, but I LOVE jessicurl! Every once in a while I try something else and my hair protests, I could consistently good curls with her products!
Trying to find some sanity as I work on my master's in nursing...
I use devacurl & a variety of other products. I can't seem to stick to one thing, except for my gel. (LA Looks Mega Mega gel).
Western Pennsylvania

3b, medium textured, medium thickness, medium porosity, protein sensitive
CG since 6/22/04

CO Washes: Suave Conditioners, Devacurl No Poo
Conditioners: Trader Joe Nourish, GV Conditioning Balm, JC Too Shea
Styling: Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee, Chi Infra Gel, GF Pure Clean Gel
DT: Devacurl Heaven in Hair, Nature's Therapy Mega Moisture, Hask Henna & Placenta (every 3 mo)

Hair photos
pw: manycurls
I use Devacurl - No Poo, One Condition and Angell. I occasionally CO with Nature's Gate Tea Tree Oil Conditioner.

A few days ago I tried Jessicurl DT for the first time and loved it.
Modified CG since 4/04; DevaCurl Low Poo, One Condition and AnGell; Jessicurl DT; mostly 3B with some 3A (formerly fun&springycurls)
Password: pmls
I use Suave, Jessicurl, and I just got Devacurl, so add that to my list, too!

"If we get a little crazy, blame it on the alcohol." Pat Green
I would love to try Jessicurl's Too Shea and Aloeba and DevaCurl, but my budget is limited at the moment. I may splurge on the DevaCurl One if I make it out to the suburb around here that has a salon that carries it, but I really hate to pay shipping fees on top of paying a bit more for my hair products.

So, for now I am happy with Trader Joes' Refresh conditioner to wash and Giovanni 50/50 or Trader Joes' Nourish conditioner mixed with honey for my conditioner. I either use humectress of Giovanni Direct as a leave in and Suave firm control for my gel. Sometimes I will also use aloe gel under the Suave if my hair needs more moisture.

I use the Ouidad deep treatment once per month. I bought several of her sample packs when I first discovered this site, because the price of the sample pack is the same as 2 ounces of the deep treatment! I think that I am going to keep all of the deep treatments and sell the other bottles! My hair is very fine and short, so I can get about 3 deep treatments out of one 2 ounce bottle. I also just bought the Loreal deep treatment at Sally's (from recs here, of course!) to use as a moisutrizing treatment.

My hair is in much better condition now that I have been following the CG routine.
Fine, thin & tight 3B curls. Currently using Curl Keeper & Boots Curl Creme.

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