Kenra Mousse/Condish

I saw a Kenra mousse with a hold factor of 17 yesterday. Anybody tried this? I couldn't tell, but I thought perhaps it was laden with proteins. I didn't do well with the Joico with regular use. I looked under the curlproducts reviews but didn't see the Kenra mousse listed. And I was unable to find the full list of ingredients on the Kenra website. I wish I could provide them to you.

Also - speaking of proteins, the moisturizing condish has a wheat protein. Do you think this would mean it won't work for me? (Since the Joico didn't).
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Wheat protein is one of the ones more people seem to react to (along with keratin), over soy or almond or silk, and I have issues with it from time to time myself but I find that it's not as big a deal in a conditioner as it is in a styler, maybe because it stays on my hair so I notice the effects more.

I was looking at the mousse online the other day then I saw it in the salon and decided against it but now I can't remember why. It very possible it was wheat protein though.

Do you know if the Kenra Clarifying 'poo has proteins?
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