View Poll Results: Is your hair culry from birth and beautiful or the oppposite. Is your hair curly from teen years and
Curly from birth and beautiful 19 44.19%
Curly from birth and not so beautiful 9 20.93%
Curly from teen years and beautiful 12 27.91%
Curly from teen years and not so beautiful 3 6.98%
Voters: 43. You may not vote on this poll

If you have nice or not so nice curls please answer

Just wondering. By beautiful I mean, well defined, almost frizz free, shiny smooth curls. PLease thing about it before answering. ANd also what I mean by birth is you were curly from the moment you were born.
My hair started turning curly during my teen years. They're not perfect (what is?) but they've never looked better! Thank you!!
2A/2B, fine, normal porosity

Growing out a pixie as of November 2013

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I was born with curly hair and I'm working on making my curls beautiful.
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My hair started curling when I was around 2, I'm told.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
I had one or two tiny curls at birth so I guess I have to say curly from birth! It is hard to say what my hair would have looked like if my mom hadn't constantly brushed it but there's always a little wave in my childhood pictures, and enough frizz to make me suspect it could have been curlier than I thought it was. It definitely got curlier around puberty but I guess it's never really been straight.
3a/b, fine, lots of it
I was born with curly hair (okay, so maybe I had two huge curls on my head - I guess that's what i get from wearing pigtails all the time) and I love my hair now. I like the feeling of being an individual, because no one else has myyyyy curls :D As for "beautiful" hair (by your definition), my curls are pretty frizzy, but are defined.
I was actually born with red hair. I only had it for a few months. It was little more than peach fuzz at that point, so I don't know if it was curly or not.

As a toddler, though, I had very curly hair. Gorgeous, loose springy curls. Hair was a pretty white blonde color.

The curls loosened and the hair darkened as I got older. Now I'm dark blonde naturally. Wavy on my canopy, curly underneath.

For some reason I couldn't take the poll, so I'll just add a reply.

After recently going through my 'shoe'box pictures I found some from when I was still in diapers that showed I was a curly!

But during primary & elementary school years, not having layers, using products that were out at the time, & having a mom who made me comb or brush my hair & who braided it when wet or damp & didn't take it out until dry, made it look practically straight. Then when the oily teen years hit & my hair was short, which made matters worse. I kept getting perms & wondered why they took in 15 minutes or less & looked like I stuck my finger in a lightsocket. It wasn't until after I had my son that someone recommended a specific stylist (curly of all people). I went to see her & wonder of wonders she cut & styled my hair making the curls appear out of nowhere & recommended products that were new to me & maybe the market. I've had ups & downs since then, depending on the cut, care, products, & the weather/climate.

So to answer your question, I've been curly from birth, but they've been not so beautiful at times.
I couldn't take the poll either. Weird.

Anyway, I've been curly (or at least wavy) since birth. I'd say that I was born a 2A or 2B... and turned into a 3A by the time I was a teen. It definitely hasn't always been beautiful... but it is manageable.
3a, BSL, color treated/highlighted, fine strands (but lots of them), high porosity
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I'm a curly-headed runner, triathlete and foodie! Sweat, chlorine, sun... my hair gets tortured by it daily. It somehow always manages to 'bounce' another day!

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