View Poll Results: Do you agree that you must change your products every now and then because they stop working?
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Do products stop working after awhile?

I was in a salon store the other day shopping for a gel, and one of the employees at the store told me that you need to "change up" your hair products every now and then because they stop working. I often wondered if this was true or not because I have experienced that but at the same time felt that maybe it was all in my head (or had to do w/the weather change, stress, and the shelf-life of the product losing it's "effect"). What do you guys think??

She also mentioned that Biolage is better than Abba. I can't comment on this because I've used neither brand soo...
Hating my 3b/c curls lately...
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I completely agree with this. I always rotate my products so they don't stop working in my hair. I didn't know this long ago. In the early 90's I was using Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam for a long while with great results then all of a sudden it stopped working so I then switched to the Paul Mitchell Sculpting Lotion used that for awhile then that stopped working then switched to Paul Mitchell Sculpting Gel and used that for years then it just stopped working. If I had only known to switch products around then maybe I would have had better hair.

As far as Biolage I like it alot. I like the Ultra Hydrating Poo and the Conditioning Balm and the Gelee. They are very good products! I didn't care for the Biolage Hydro Active Hair Masque and it is on the swapboard in case anyone is interested.
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It's only true if you get buildup, your hair cut/texture change, the weather changes, etc.

If you have *good* products and no weather/hormone/texture/major haircut changes, you should be able to use the same products indefinitely. Of course, styles of what you want your hair to look like may change, too.

Currently, I like the separate ribbons of curl effect from using Jessicurl CCSS. I may at some point want more tunnel/tube type curls, in which case I'd use a different product. When I want my hair to look more bedhead-ish (like today) I use Gelebration instead.
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I've found that what worked for me in a humid climate doesn't work for me in a dry one. Though I haven't figured out yet if the change in seasons, age, etc., needs a change in product since I don't have the same ones from summer to use now that cold weather's here, nor the same ones from when I was younger, etc. So I agree with NetG.
That seems to make sense. I guess products would stop working only if the texture of your hair changed (due to processing, chemicals, or stress) or the climate changed, or build-up...etc. I did notice the lady that was working at the store did have dyed hair (so maybe that's why she feels the need to change up her products).
Hating my 3b/c curls lately...
Products that I want to try in the future: Ojon Restorative Treatment
While what she told you could have some truth to it, I would definitely agree with what NetG and LibbyLiz suggested. Also, I'm not saying this is why she was telling you this, but it could be that they tell people that to get them to buy more products?
Btw, don't mean to hijack, but has anyone ever noticed how many of the people who work in places like Sally's or other beauty supply chain stores often have less than 'desirable' looking hair? I definitely don't mean that to sound mean or rude, because I'm sure there are plenty of people who think my hair looks like crap at times and wonder what in the world I use on it. It's just a trend I've noticed. Unlike our own CurlMart owners, and Jessicurl for example. But then again, we pretty much know they are putting only good stuff in their hair.
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Btw, don't mean to hijack, but has anyone ever noticed how many of the people who work in places Sally's or other beauty supply chain stores often have less than desirable looking hair? crack me up. I've noticed that on more than one occassion.
Usually when I notice if a stylist or employee at Sally's is trying to give me hair "advice", if their hair looks..umm...blah ...I always end up buying what I initially came in for and not what they suggest. Their hair/image reflects the store IMO.
Hating my 3b/c curls lately...
Products that I want to try in the future: Ojon Restorative Treatment
I have to agree. It's just as bad when you walk into a nice store like Kiehl's and the women all have rather interesting looks that scream, "don't use Kiehl's!" That's smart that you just get what you need to get, Morena. I think I should just ask what they use so I make sure I don't use it. :P
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You guys both have a point there! Soon after I started CG, I was in a certain beauty store looking for either some clips or something, and the girl at the counter had some seriously fried hair. So when she suddenly asked me if my hair was naturally curly, I jumped at the chance to tell her about (this was before I had those cool Curl Ambassador cards). I wrote down the url for her even though she told me she didn't really have access to the internet, but she was so in awe that there was a website like this.

Well, of course I had been wondering if she ever found her way on here, but I think my question was answered when I saw her again about a week ago. I know she didn't recognize me and I wasn't about to ask her if she had been able to visit the site because I didn't want it to seem like I was hounding her or anything. But I was so dying to give her one of the Curl Ambassador cards because her poor curly hair looked even more fried. I kept envisioning what it would look like after a good dose of Too Shea or One Condition and styling it with some RR or the like!

Sometimes when I hear an employee at one of those places recommending something I know could potentially be bad news for your hair, I find myself kind of gritting my teeth and screaming inside 'for the love of your hair, don't do it!'. But of course I keep it to myself.
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lol lushaholic, you so need to work at a hair supplies store!
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Well, I personally don't care what their hair looks like. When I was younger and didn't know how to care for my curls I was intimidated to go into salons etc. because I felt my hair was ugly and unatttractive and everyone else's hair looked great. But now thanks to the knowledge I've gained from this site, I feel so much more confident about my hair. It's fun to go in a place like Sally's and realize some of the employees need the products they sell way more than I do!
I have 3A hair. I've discovered Jessicurl shampoo and Too Shea conditioner and I'm thrilled! Long-time LA Looks sport gel user.
Lushaholic, that is hilarious. I know exactly what you mean. Whenever I see someone with fried curly hair, I always fantasize about how it would look after a really good DT and honey.

Morena, may I ask what products you currently use and like? My hair is also a 3b and I'm always trying to find out what works for others. In the past, I used Biolage Ultra Hydrating everything. That was until I realized that the shampoo contains really harsh sulfates and silicones, etc. I still use Biolage Gelee because nothing seems to have as much hold. One day, I would love to find a more natural alternative.
Hi Chocolate Curls,
Here's a list of products that I use at this moment ( I just started a modified version of CG in Sept. so I'm always on the search for finding the best things out there for my hair) HTH!

(Products may be subject to change..I'm fickle!)
Shampoo: Elucence
Conditioner: White Rain EB, sometimes Elucence
Leave-in: Redken Butter Treat + Jojoba + Olive oil
Detangler: White Rain EB
Moisturizer: jojoba and olive oil
Gel: right now I'm using Artec control gel, Redken Hardware Gel
Curl definer:Boots Essentials CC
Deep Conditioner: Ouidad Deep Treat, rotate w/ Redken Butter
Protein Conditioner/Reconstructor:Ouidad DT
Shine product:jojoba and olive oil

I'm starting to like the Artec Control gel because it gives really good hold and it's CG also got good reviews on the curl products. I like it better than the Redken Hardware gel (too strong of a smell)
Hating my 3b/c curls lately...
Products that I want to try in the future: Ojon Restorative Treatment

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