Hi everyone...I'm looking to try the Jessicurl product line...mainly the Rockin Ringlets...however since my curls have been lazy and not working with even the best products, i don't really want to shell out $12 plus $6 for shipping and handling for a full bottle that might not even work on my hair. So if anyone has a USED bottle, or even a full bottle they are looking to sell, please let me know...THANK YOU!!!!
You'll have to keep an eye on the swap board, Jessicurl Items are fairly popular and go pretty fast. But it's not impossible to get, ya just have to be patient.
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I posted that I was looking for trial sizes of things, and some people sold me samples they made themselves. (Poured into other trial-size containers.) It was a great way to try things. If you're willing to take non-original containers, I'd recomend posting what your're looking for, and what you're willing to pay for it.

Also, it's not exactly dirt cheap, but you can go to the Jessicurl site and make up your own trial size packs, to try exactly what you want for less. And you can request a single free sample with each order.

Good luck - I'm constantly buying samples to try new things!
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I really think you need to use 2 of the products together- I use Rockin Ringlets and Confident Coils.. they work together. I love her products... the too shea and weekly deep treatment...
You can order a travel pack or buy samples from the website. The samples are 1.50$
You can even make your own trial pack... or buy one already assembled... the styling travel pack was 14$.
I really think you need to use 2 of the products together- I use Rockin Ringlets and Confident Coils.. they work together. I love her products...
Originally Posted by crimsonshedemon
I agree. I recently purchased only the Confident Coils Styling Solution, to save money, and it doesn't work as well as the Rocking Ringlets and the CCSS together.

The amount of product I use is the same in either case, BTW, it's just the combination that's important.
It honestly is worth buying a sample/trial pack. I did this originally and now use the GLS and Aloeba Daily Conditioner regularly. I LOVE Jess' products.
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thanks to everyone...maybe I'll try one of these sample packs...and thanks for the great tip of using them together...the RR and the Confident Coils cause i was considering just trying only one to save money...but I want my curls back so bad considering they are barely waves...thanks everyone!
I am currently a 2C who wants to be a 3...I'm trying for anything that will make my limp boring waves into bouncy curls...ANYONE PLEASE HELP!!!!


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