Who doesn't use styling products?

Have you ever just conditioned and dried your hair without using any gels, cremes, or mousses? I tried it yesterday, after a CO wash and ACV rinse, and was pleasantly surprised at how soft my hair looked. I got decent 2nd day hair today after refreshing with just lavender water spray, and that rarely happens when I've used a gel the day before.
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Oh I NEED styling products. My hair is a ball of frizz without any products at all.
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My current AV was my hair with no product in it. I conditioned with One C and left it all in, plopped, unplopped, and left alone. I did this in the evening when I was playing around, because I don't normally "plop" as a styling method.

I'm not sure how long the curls would have lasted. I went to bed not too log after I snapped the pic. Normally, though, my hair looks good at first with no product, but starts to lose definition as the day progresses.

Frizz Happens!

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I'm noticing that the healthier my hair becomes, the less styling product i need. The other day I left a little extra conditioner in my hair and put a 1/2 pump of smoothing serum in, and my hair was fine for the rest of the day.
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I only use styling products about 1/2 of the time. I tend to wear my hair up a lot, and I don't really need styling products to do that. On the days I wear it down, I need styling products if I'm wearing it the same day I wash it; if I can sleep on it overnight before I wear it, I can sometimes get away with leaving it down w/ no styling products.

Weird and twisted, just like my hair
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I'm a little powder puff without styling products. Hair is very fine, thin volume, soft. It would be like me walking around with no skin. Styling products are like "skin" for my hair.
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Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
That's like going out w/o makeup on. Not a big deal, but I prefer using styling products
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My hair just fuzzes when left on it's own. Not typically a good look. So I always use product.
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Sometimes I use product and sometimes I don't. If I don't, I make sure to leave in a good amount of conditioner. My hair is a little less defined without products, but not too bad at all. 2nd day hair isn't as good, though.
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I wish I could be one of those who could go without my gel, but my hair looks so much better when I use it! I've tried, too, and my hair just looks undefined. But since the LA Looks gel is pretty cheap to begin with, I don't feel TOO bad!
My hair's just a fluffy, frizzy, undefined mess without product. Always have to put something in it even if I'm just going to have a pony tail.
As long as I don't touch my hair through the drying process I can go without products. As has been said, my hair is less defined, and a bit frizzier, but not so bad. It ends up being less curly b/c if I don't use product, I comb out the curls.

Lately I prefer not using any product at all.
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I go without product from time to time. I'm going without product today. Just ran some Regis Olive Oil condish through it and left it. It looks ok, but I can't get 2nd day hair without product. Also, I'll be heading to the gym in a few minutes. I don't think it'll hold up, but we'll see...
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